Using Data Science Virtual Machine Ubuntu Azure – Jupyter Notebook

I have a problem when I try some of application about Data Science. The problem is my laptop cannot support and must always re-install if I want to build Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It make me spend a lot of time to learn more about data science. So I think i can use Cloud to develop my own project. To solve my problem I use Azure. What kind of Azure that I use? First I think, using Azure Machine Learning Studio is one of the solution, but I think that’s not the solution. I search and then I find Azure Data Science for native. FYI, I’m new in Machine Learning so  I must learn step by step. Continue reading


Python Programming 1 – Primitive Datatypes and Operators

Python adalah salah satu bahasa pemrograman. Pertama kali dibuat oleh Guido Van Rossum sekitar tahun 90-an. Python sedikit berbeda dengan beberapa bahasa pemrograman yang sering digunakan seperti C++ ataupun Java. Continue reading