What is Git ?

Before we talk about Git. We know that every one that use Git especially like Github the biggest version control repository to Code. When we talk about code, first we must know what is code. The purpose that i code something because i want to finishing my college task, personal project and sometimes we do that for show off (haha). When my first year as Computer Science student I don’t really get how to make “beautiful code”¬†and then I learn from many articel and from hands on that beatiful code is important. Continue reading


Python Programming 1 – Primitive Datatypes and Operators

Python adalah salah satu bahasa pemrograman. Pertama kali dibuat oleh Guido Van Rossum sekitar tahun 90-an. Python sedikit berbeda dengan beberapa bahasa pemrograman yang sering digunakan seperti C++ ataupun Java. Continue reading