Using Data Science Virtual Machine Ubuntu Azure – Jupyter Notebook

I have a problem when I try some of application about Data Science. The problem is my laptop cannot support and must always re-install if I want to build Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It make me spend a lot of time to learn more about data science. So I think i can use Cloud to develop my own project. To solve my problem I use Azure. What kind of Azure that I use? First I think, using Azure Machine Learning Studio is one of the solution, but I think that’s not the solution. I search and then I find Azure Data Science for native. FYI, I’m new in Machine Learning soย  I must learn step by step. Continue reading


Website Vulnerability List

Halloo, sudah terlalu tersimpan di dalam draft post maka aku post tulisan yang membahas tentang “Website Vulnerability List”. Apa sih itu Website Vulnerability List itu ??? Jadi, Website Vulnerability merupakan ย fitur web yang mengandung celah atau lubang keamanan yang bisa ditembus. Loh, loh, loh pasti pada bingung kenapa sih aku malah bahas masalah celah keamanan. Continue reading